About Us

About Us

The US Lighting Group (TICKER:USLG) is an innovative composites technology manufacturer. Our brands include the following: Cortes Campers, LLC, a brand of high-end molded fiberglass campers; Futuro Houses, LLC, a brand of molded fiberglass modular homes; Fusion X Marine, LLC a high-performance boat designer; and MIG Marine Corporation, a composite manufacturing company that produces molded fiberglass products for the other three subsidiaries as well as private-label brands. 

All product lines utilize the same manufacturing techniques and raw materials which provide robust diversification across various industries. Our products are made in the USA. The Company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, where it owns a manufacturing and R&D facility. 

Futuristic Homes

USLG is a revolutionizing the housing industry with its molded fiberglass ecofriendly, off road houses. Uniquely designed for all seasons and with the same amenities as a traditional home.

Futuro Houses FH200 Tiny Home

Molded Fiberglass

Cortes Campers manufactures molded fiberglass RV travel trailers. The17-ft RV travel trailer has fiberglass molded to produce a four-piece monolithic joined structure.

Cortes 17 RV Travel Trailers

Cortes Campers

Cortes Campers make RV Travel Trailers and Campers designed for comfort, style, durability and built with superior quality materials and fiberglass construction resulting in a significantly stronger, lighter weight product.