US Lighting Group – A Disruptive Technology Solutions Company OTC:USLG US Lighting Group – A Disruptive Technology Solutions Company OTC:USLG

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Integrating intelligent design with advanced technology to create game changing products.

Futuro Houses

Creating a wide range of unique designs from Futuristic to Tiny Houses built from space age technology and advanced fiberglass composite materials. 



Cortes Campers

Positioned to dominate the RV market with its state-of-the-art molded fiberglass travel trailers and campers with revolutionary designs for comfortstyledurability and longevity.



Fusion X Marine

Introducing distinctive designs in personal watercraft and speedboats for the recreational Boating industry for those who love fun in the sun! 



Cortes Campers has redefined recreational travel trailers by revolutionizing the way RVs are built making them stronger, lighter, and smarter. Cortes Campers builds true four-season trailers using cutting-edge composite materials and next-generation manufacturing processes, making all other trailers obsolete.
Who we are

A passionate team engineering products with the newest intelligent designs

We are a publicly traded company with a vision to leverage our core competencies in composites manufacturing. USLG is a diverse and sustainable high-tech company who is “proud to design and manufacture in the USA”. We are a trusted name and a respected brand providing cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. We have the creative drive to build top tier products using our know-how and expertise.
What we do

Utilizing advanced technologies to redefine industries

USLG with its innovative genius turns groundbreaking ideas into solid concepts by designing and engineering products using cutting-edge materials and next-generation manufacturing processes. The company has ventured into the world of molded fiberglass with products for the RV, recreational boating, and prefab off-grid housing industries.

As an industry leader, we are focused on driving innovation and solving problems every single day.

Our process

We challenge existing barriers with innovative design, taking them from concept to market

Futuro Houses UFO House


We start with an idea, research the market needs, and competitive landscape.


Engineering takes the product idea and researches the latest technologies available.


R&D creates specifications, designs and builds the product prototype.


Production, marketing and sales make ready to deliver the product to the marketplace.

Our advanced technology

Composite Materials

Cortes Campers utilizes cutting-edge composite materials and next-generation processes to build stronger, lighter, and smarter recreational vehicles. We’ve redefined RV travel trailers with our advanced technology in molded fiberglass construction and patent pending systems.
Our impact

Benefiting the community - locally and globally

Our state-of-the-art technology makes us one of the foremost manufacturers of molded fiberglass to make a product that lasts longer and is environmentally friendly. Our company continues its research and development efforts in future technologies.

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