We are visionaries in the world of electronics. A solutions provider with innovative ideas and a trusted name and respected brand. Diverse and sustainable. A technology story with creative drive and fueled by our innovative passion.

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Grow with the US Lighting Group, a company with vision, advancing electronics through the innovative genius to turn groundbreaking ideas into solid concepts by designing and engineering products for the future. 

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Our state-of-the-art technology makes us one of the foremost manufacturers of high-tech robotics utilizing our own in-house proprietary artificial intelligence. The company continues its research and development efforts in robotics for the promotional industry.

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With our ultraviolet and LED lighting technology expertise, we are researching a new LED commercial light bulb with the potential to disinfect viral agents in critical areas including hospitals, supermarkets, schools, airports, medical labs, senior care centers, fire and police stations, schools, government buildings, office buildings, and hotels.

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