Robotics Stocks Will Prosper Post Covid-19 | USLG

Robotics stocks will be a very prosperous long-term financial move post Covid-19. Before the pandemic, automation had been gradually replacing human work in a range of jobs, from call centers to warehouses and grocery stores, as companies looked to cut labor costs and improve profit.

But robotics stocks will flourish because labor and robotics experts say social-distancing directives, which are likely to continue in some form after the crisis subsides, could prompt more industries to accelerate their use of automation.

Worries about job losses or a broad unease about having machines control vital aspects of daily life could dissipate as society sees the benefits of restructuring workplaces in ways that minimize close human contact.

“Pre-pandemic, people might have thought we were automating too much,” Richard Pak, a professor at Clemson University who researches the psychological factors around automation said in an interview with the New York Times. “This event is going to push people to think what more should be automated.”

Robotics Stocks Will Surge

Robotics stocks will surge because even the grocery industry is leaning more on automation to free up employees to deal with the crush of demand during the pandemic. Retailers are using autonomous robots about 8,000 hours of daily work “that otherwise would have been done by an essential worker”. At supermarkets like Giant Eagle in the U.S., robots are freeing up employees who previously spent time taking inventory to focus on disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces and processing deliveries to keep shelves stocked.

In public spaces robots are being deployed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. For example, rather than police, a robot is roaming a Singapore park to enforce social distancing.

promobot robot
Robotics Stocks Will Prosper Post Covid-19

Delivery robots have become a valuable tool during the lockdown, even though they can carry no more than two bags of groceries. The robots are integrating themselves into community life in very human-like ways. They deliver groceries to doctors, nurses and other employees of Britain’s National Health Service (N.H.S). for free.

Robotics using Artificial Intelligence

A company to look into for robotics stocks is USLG. USLG is a designer and leading manufacturer of commercial LED lighting products, automotive, RV, and marine electronics, and robotics using artificial intelligence.

They have been evolving and expanding, since the company’s inception. Although they are only on the pink sheets currently, they are working toward the senior exchange. 

USLG’s Role in Artificial Intelligence

USLG’s Artificial Intelligence (Promobot) is unique because it can be used for the everyday service industry, to education, and even security. Promobot is able to work as an administrator, promoter, host, or a museum guide. It can operate in cinemas, museums, shopping malls, business centers, convention centers and exhibition halls, as well as other crowded places. The application of this technology can increase the quality of service, customer loyalty and financial performance of companies where these robots operate.

Also, Promobot can detect weapons by utilizing both camera and pattern recognition to identify weapons with a high degree of accuracy. The Promobot is designed to work in crowded spaces by moving autonomously. It helps people with navigation, communicates and answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it interacted. One of its first projects was to detect weapons in crowded spaces like schools.

Now you have the opportunity to get into robotics stocks and be a shareholder. USLG is capitalizing on their increasing American made product lines, sales and by strategic manufacturing company acquisitions to supply the large customer base. Specializing in robotics & overall electronics manufacturing, they are looking for strategic acquisitions or partners. Check out USLG today and get in on the early opportunity. 

Futures Forecast for Autonomous Robotics

Overall, the market for autonomous mobile robots and autonomous ground vehicles is forecasted to generate over $10bn by 2023 according to Interact Analysis. That prediction relies on data from before the COVID-19 pandemic. The seeds of a robotic revolution have been sprouting for over a decade. People in the industry have thought the robots weren’t meant to replace workers but to make work easier for talented professionals. “Marketing professionals get tons of money to sell that premise, and it’s a palatable sales pitch, certainly easy enough to swallow in a labor crunch during a strong economy when the creep of automation is tough to quantify in terms of human toll. The pandemic may change that.