US Lighting Group Corporation warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of twenty-one years from date of purchase. If found to be defective as mentioned above, it will be replaced or repaired if returned prepaid along with proof of date of purchase. This shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser and the sole liability of US Lighting Group Corporation to the extent permitted by law, the foregoing is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties or representations whether expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness. In no event shall US Lighting Group Corporation be liable for special or consequential damages.

How is it Possible That USLG can Offer a 21 Year Warranty While Everyone Else Only Offers 10 Years?

Our TM21 testing by UL, proved our patent pending bulbs have a 190,000 hour rating. If you install our bulbs into a facility that leaves the bulbs on 24/7, this means the bulbs are on 8,760 hours per year maximum and if you divide that into 190,000 hours, you get 21.68 years.

So, how is this 190,000 hour rating achieved?

The answer is simple. To start with, USLG does not have any transformers or related components in its design. Look at the photos and you will NOT see a driver board. We have multiple patents pending on this design. Secondly, our competitors use 1/4 watt LEDs and drive them at maximum wattage, (or even more). USLG only uses 1/2 watt LEDs. Yes, this is more expensive to manufacture, but when you multiply our 64 LEDs x 1/2 watt, you end up with a bulb that is designed to be a 32 watt bulb. Since we “under-drive” the LEDs at only 20 watts total, they last far longer than any other bulb on the market. It makes No sense in replacing a $2 fluorescent bulb with an expensive LED bulb and then have to replace it again in 5 or 10 years. Yes, these 1/2 watt LEDs costs more to manufacture the bulb, but in the end, you need to buy and install only one of ours compared to 4 of our competitors. So, which bulb is actually less expensive?


In case of malfunction, your US Lighting Group Corporation’s product will be repaired free of charges according to the terms of the warranty. When returning US Lighting Group Corporation product for warranty service, Proof of Purchase must be supplied for warranty verification.