T12 fluorescent tubes are outdated, and the T8 is not far behind, making the need for LED replacement lighting indisputable. USLG offers the very best 4-foot, commercial replacement lights with four options that are affordable and offer continual energy savings. All are available in a clear or diffused lens. The BH4 Series, GFY Series and DFP LED Tubes are offered in three colors: the 3500k [warm white], 4500k [neutral white] and 6500k [bright daylight and our most popular]. The FEB is available in 5000k, a cool white.


USLG’s top level bulb offers the greatest savings potential and longest life span at 21 years. This light has been engineered to emit zero RF.

Download the BH4 Spec Sheets

LM-79 report from Intertek


This tube is more cost-effective on the upfront purchase, while still offering a 15-year warranty and significant savings on energy costs.

Download the GFY Spec Sheets


USLG’s plug-and-play LED lighting option with power at each end works with both electronic and magnetic ballasts.

Download the FEB Spec Sheets


This series comes as both a 110 and 277 and is made with an aluminum board and housing to create a rigid bulb for a harsher environment.

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