How do we do it, you ask?

We know, most companies wouldn’t share their secret recipe. But we are transparent with our technology, innovation and process. Because not only do we want to show you how our products are made in America from domestic and imported parts, but we also want you to understand the science that makes this lighting option the superior and truly most cost-effective lighting tube available. Here are the four ways we make our lighting the best — in the world – UL-tested and approved.

USLG is run by electronic engineers.

Instead an office full of suits looking at the bottom line in an Excel sheet, we figure out how to streamline a light’s output efficiency and functionality and engineer ours around those facts.

We use the best LED available.

The actual LED component determines a light’s efficiency. To ensure ours is the most efficient, we use the world’s best commercially available LED (seriously, Google it) — the Samsung LM561C. It emits the most lumens per watt, the equivalent to the most miles per gallon. Our competitors buy the cheapest LEDs to keep production costs low, so you’ll get what they paid for.

Science is on our side.

All LEDs are rated to last 100,000 hours — about 12 years. However, this lifespan is only possible should an LED not exceed clearly defined power and temperature limits. Our competitors ignore these power and heat restrictions, while our lights don’t even come close to reaching any power or heat limits

We scrapped the transformer.

Most LED lighting companies use a huge transformer to appropriately power an LED. Transformers, however, emit heat; that heat reduces a light bulb’s energy efficiency. So, USLG has created a patent-pending transformerless circuit that controls the speed of energy powered to the LED. Eliminating the expense of a huge circuit board and timely assembly that goes along with it allows us to put money into the part that matters most — the actual LED.